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Blog #85: Managing Energy Vampires -By Amelie St Pierre

Managing energy vampires Have you ever come in contact with a person, maybe even a group, that left you completely drained and in a bad mood? Most people have I’m sure and there are varying degrees of this experience. Sometimes you can feel a slow drain or a small discomfort. Other times, you will be left completely wiped out. There…

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Letting go of unfinished business

Blog 81: Letting go of unfinished business-By Amelie St-Pierre

Letting go of unfinished business I don’t know about you but I have lots of projects and ideas I have started working on and have abandoned mid-way. I keep telling myself I will work on it later or when x y z are in place. Sometimes there is a good reason why we procrastinate. It can be because your Soul…

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Blog #73: 3 Filters that Keep us Stuck by Amelie St-Pierre

3 filters that keep us stuck There are many filters in our mind that direct our life experience. Some of these filters affect the objective reality. For example, have you ever debated tones, shades and even the colour of something with someone else? We all believe that we see the exact colour of something, yet, we do not see the same…

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Blog #66: Part 3 – Underlying Money Issues (Inherited Imbalances) By Amelie St.Pierre

Part 3 – Underlying Money issues (Inherited imbalances) Did you know that both of your parents passed on to you way more than parts of their DNA code? Some inherited energies can be at the root of your money, as well as others, issues in your life. (I’ll speak in simple terms in this article since the concept of ‘inherited energies’…

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Blog #59: Part 2 of Underlying Money Blocks (Programming and False Beliefs) By Amelie St.Pierre

Did you know that cultural upbringing, social programming, developed assumptions about self and the world, as well as traumas that may occur in one’s life are underlying your money issues? The amount of wealth you earn, accumulate, keep, save, as well as how you spend your money reflects the unconscious active memories that are at play in each moment. Culture…

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