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Blog # 82: A Celebration of Independence!-By Christina Waschko

This is what happened in November: For the third season in a row, I divided my time as a self-employed videographer and employed brand ambassador for Canada’s biggest bank. For five weeks I was part of a huge hostess team. For the third year running The Royal Bank of Canada spoiled their Avion Visa card holders with a specially designed…

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Blog # 78: Six Types of Motivation! -By Christina Waschko

Here is how to never break a promise to yourself or your business – again! Dear friends, I had one of these WooHoo moments earlier this week! Something that opened my eyes so wide, I was able to see from here to Timbuktu! It knocked me off my seat (OK, not really) and my whole life made sense to me!…

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Blog #74: Ode to The Dynamic Woman! -By Christine Waschko

Diane asked me to become a blog contributor and excitedly I said yes! I love to write, to share ideas, to give actionable tips on how to kiss our excuses goodbye! And then, this happened: Nothing! Absolutely nothing happened! Panic set in!  I have been sitting in front of my screen for days now! It wasn’t for lack of ideas…

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