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Blog #86: Do You Need To Hire A Coach? -By Cora Naylor

We don’t think anything about it when an athlete hires a coach. We all know that the sports world is very competitive and people need every edge they can get. Whether it’s a team coach or a personal training coach – a good coach will train athlete’s to work harder and smarter and achieve their full potential. A personal or…

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Blog 83:Take Action! -By Cora Naylor

Do you think about doing something all day and feel exhausted at the end of the day – even though you haven’t really done anything? That tends to happen to a lot of people when they are starting something new. If it is something new for you it is going to take some effort and an action plan to get…

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ChangeYour Habits

Blog #77: Change Your Habits – Change Your Life -by Cora Naylor

Do you think that changing some of your habits could give far-reaching changes? If all it took was making some small changes – would you do it? Over the last few years as an entrepreneur I have read quite a few personal development books and articles.  The one common thread I have found is that all the people who have…

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