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Blog #25: 3 Steps to Help You Work Your “Perfect” Schedule By Diane Rolston

It’s mid morning, I’m writing this article beside my fireplace and sipping on a coffee – yum! Sounds perfect for this Mompreneur. But getting this to happen was not easy and not as perfect as it sounds. I’ve already spent two hours with my daughter eating monkey toast, playing in her tent, and watching TV. (Yes, we watch TV in…

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Blog #17: Why do I want to bring in a DWA Leadership Team? By Diane Rolston

My original vision for Dynamic Women in Action was to create ONE space where women can be themselves and develop personally and professionally through activities, conversations, and building relationships with other professional women. These relationships will be supportive, authentic, and celebrate who we all are and our accomplishments. I thought why can’t more women come together in a non-competitive, judgmental…

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Blog #9: Want to Have a Better Summer? by Diane Rolston

Summer can be a crazy time of picnics, BBQs, camping trips and carting kids around. Oh and whether you’re going to a 9-5 or you’re running your own business you also have to attend to work. I love the summer and there is a trick to really get the most out of it. What’s your summer focus right now? It…

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Blog #1: And…. LAUNCH! by Diane Rolston

Thanks for coming to our Online Launch! Launch of what? Read on! As Dynamic Women in Action grows and our community expands our website is a great platform for us to stay connected and share information across locations. I’m planning on making that happen even more by creating a Dynamic Women Blog! I’m so excited that our Dynamic Women will…

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Meet DWA Founder Diane Rolston

Diane works with high achievers and successful women to uncover what they really want in life with powerful questions, unwavering support, and actionable steps. Being a certified Co-Active coach means she helps women gain clarity around who they want to be and how they want to succeed in business and life. Women from all backgrounds, from corporate CEOs to home-based…

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