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Blog #40: Traveling mistakes to avoid, especially when going solo! by Tazeem Jamal PMDT, LE

As the Summer floats in the near distance, we think of sunny weather, beach holidays & fun with our families! Traveling is such a thrill for me ~ Adventure, going to new places & meeting new people are top reasons I LOVE to travel. As the saying goes, not everyone that wanders is LOST. However, being prepared & organized is…

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Blog #33: Thank You Very Much! By Tazeem Jamal

“Thank you so much for coming in today!” When was the last time you heard someone BEHIND the counter say that to you with amazing ENTHUSIASM? As we begin this New Year, we have a chance to RECREATE our canvas for 2015! Lets take a look at 3 Major things you can review in your business to generate more income,…

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Blog #19: Who is your skincare coach? By Tazeem Jamal

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, what did you feed it today? You might think this is an odd question, but who is coaching you through the dramatic changes going on in your skin? Brands of products and stores aside there are 3 basic levels of skincare coaching that you can get, but first let’s understand the…

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Blog #11: 6 Habits that AGE Your Skin By Tazeem Jamal

Here are 6 habits that age your skin and the worst thing is that you probably never thought about them! 1) Sleeping with your makeup on- Cleansing your skin is really critical to helping it to heal and regenerate as you sleep. Not doing this can lead to breakouts, clogged pores, rough, dull skin, and of course, aging of the skin….

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Blog #3: Your Skin Through the Decades by Tazeem Jamal

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. What did you feed your skin today? I bet you never thought about it like that! Welcome to my world – I am truly passionate about healthy skin, and I invite you to sit back as I take you on a journey with your skin through the decades. First a few…

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