Blog #46: Be Unforgettable, 12 Brilliant ways to ROCK your Marketing By Tazeem Jamal

How do you Create the WOW factor for your biz …this is not easy to do today! Considering most of us are bombarded with (conservatively about 500 messages a day!) HOW on earth can we stand out?

  1. Oodles and oodles of money for a marketing budget… well, most companies today

    just do not have the financial resources to do that.

  2. Building a relationship with your audience, yes…
  3. Then what??

Well, I have some almost FREE ways to ROCK your business & get your brand noticed!

Have I piqued your interest…great, let’s get started!

  1. Give away a gift certificate/product or even trial version for people to try ~ you can run a contest on your social media sites. When doing a give-away, use a certificate, this allows the client an opportunity to reconnect or get to know you & your business.
  1. Create alliances with other professionals that have a similar quality of client that you WANT. In my case as an Esthetician, I have a hairdresser, a gym and a nail tech to create a referral system with. Gift them a mini treatment or service so they can really RAVE about you! Think about HOW many potential customers you could get from them & vice versa!
  1. Create a VIP Loyalty program for your clients… who doesn’t want to feel like a Princess? I Know I do! It’s WAY easier to market to an existing client than to a new one.  P.S. One of the ways to substantially increase your revenue is bring back about half your clients ONE more time a year… you do the math!
  1. WHO do you want to emulate? Look at what they are doing & recreate it to work for your business. I love to seek out other professionals in my industry. I follow FB pages & even subscribe to emails to see what they are doing! Secret Spy… The joys and drawbacks of the internet!
  1. Use your Social Media effectively. Master two or three, but you do not need to be on all of them. When you try to do them all, no clear message comes across & what does come across can become “diluted”. Where do your potential & current clients hang out? That’s where you want to be. Remember to keep getting engagement, be more inclined to educate, and share rather than be pitching up front. Find a current news story or seasonal event that you can share with your audience to get your message across then mention how your company can help them in that type of situation. Do not forget to ASK for a CTA (call to action). Share, comment, then make an appointment.
  1. Set yourself apart by doing what others would typically NOT do. As an example when I had my Spa full time, we offered early morning appointments between 7 am – 9 am our clients LOVED it & it helped us to stand ABOVE the crowd because no one else did this.brand & wardrobe
  1. Survey your clients, and ask questions. What do they want? Remember we open our business with a vision, but ultimately it is driven by what our client’s want. Do a test run before launching something new. At the end of the day, we as business owners, are here to SOLVE their problems.
  1. Send a hand written note… emails or texts are acceptable, but just imagine the way your client would feel when getting a card in the mail from YOUR Company? How does that position you over your competition? Could that alone increase your chances for repeat business? Yes! Why? Because you have further worked at developing the relationship. Today, we are so technology driven & the ART of mailing a card has almost got lost. I know I LOVE getting cards in the mail!
  1. Create signature verbiage to brand your business. Find creative ways using your passion. I use “Skincare Coach” to brand myself & it’s so cool when someone new that I meet calls me that! What is yours?
  1. Be real, be you & share something about yourself that is personal & interesting that makes you that much more a person…people will remember you or feel an affinity to what you have a passion for. What do you love? I love Betty Boop, dark chocolate & all things fun & sparkly!
  1. Share your successes with your audience & potential clients. Use emails. Social media and even video testimonials. This social proof speaks volumes for your success. It gives you credibility and will show that you are great at what you do, without you pitching and hard selling.
  1. Throw a party, what better way to Thank your clients & then make sure you SHARE on social media.

By Tazeem Jamal Pmdt LE

Tazeem Jamal

Tazeem Jamal

Tazeem Jamal has been a highly respected Spa Industry professional for over 25 years. As a Clinical Estheticain & Skincare Coach, her mission is to change the world one face at a time. Tazeem also has a thriving team with Nucerity International. Learn more about Tazeem
Tazeem Jamal
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