Blog #17: Why do I want to bring in a DWA Leadership Team? By Diane Rolston

My original vision for Dynamic Women in Action was to create ONE space where women can be themselves and develop personally and professionally through activities, conversations, and building relationships with other professional women. These relationships will be supportive, authentic, and celebrate who we all are and our accomplishments. I thought why can’t more women come together in a non-competitive, judgmental way where I ask the powerful coaching questions and they have deeper realizations and connections because of it, so in January 2013 DWA was born.

DWAfbpic013-DONEFrom one group we’ve grown to seven. My role as facilitator and visionary has changed a lot. When running a group of over 420 women there comes the responsibility of everything that happens behind the scenes: posting meetings, sending emails, uploading pictures etc. Also, with building it as a community I’m the admin on the Facebook group, I run the blog and organize social events.  I love this group so much, but my visionary role has been put on the back burner so I can continue to support its needs behind the scenes.

My vision for the group has constantly evolved and been upgraded by the phenomenal growth of the group and the need for more locations. My desire for what we’re about has been supported with requests for more social events, public events like trade shows and celebrations like our Toi + Moi Soiree and future workshops and retreats.

Just last month I attended a very well known networking group and what I noticed was the amount of women who were supporting the success of the event. I know that my skill comes in the facilitation of the meetings and leadership of the group and just like the woman who runs that group I want to be able to focus on my skills and put this new vision into reality.DWAfbpic06.jpgDONE

Bringing in the leadership team will allow me to do this as well as providing the opportunity for the DWA members to step up as leaders as well, shine by using their skills and work closely with me to continue to build this DYNAMIC community. I have to admit that after the 35 hours a month it takes to run seven meetings I was only able to do the bare minimum with a lot of the roles and had to hold off on implementing others so I could focus on running my business: coaching and leading workshops.

Like other successful networking groups I know that the women who will be joining me on the Leadership Team will give so much to each role and add their own touch, ideas and strengths to our overall success. The synergy will prove powerful and I’m excited to go into our second year with this strong foundation in place.

I’m grateful for the great response in asking for applications and the generous offers for support from women who also see my bigger vision for us. Stay tuned to see these Dynamic Women in Action!

By Diane Rolston

Diane Rolston

Diane is the founder of Dynamic Women in Action and offers individual coaching, group coaching, and online coaching programs to propel women to achieve their goals in the most important areas of life. Clients have been amazed at how powerful they feel when gaining clarity and confidence to tackle challenges with non-judgmental support and practical tools to take action. Learn more about Diane
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