Blog #25: 3 Steps to Help You Work Your “Perfect” Schedule By Diane Rolston

IMG_3220It’s mid morning, I’m writing this article beside my fireplace and sipping on a coffee – yum! Sounds perfect for this Mompreneur. But getting this to happen was not easy and not as perfect as it sounds. I’ve already spent two hours with my daughter eating monkey toast, playing in her tent, and watching TV. (Yes, we watch TV in my house – a hard habit to break.) The coffee is instant because my machine is broken and yet another thing on my house to do list. Hubby is off, but it’s a workday for me. I ask him to take Miss B outside with him as he vacuums the car just so I can get an hour to do some work.

Being a Work At Home Mom (WAHM) or mompreneur is a constant teeter-tauter of balancing life and work. There are expectations of how we ‘need’ to be as a wife, as a mother and as a professional woman. Having time to work without a kid pulling on your pant leg or yelling, “Book mommy book” is often a luxury. But it doesn’t have to be something we fight for. Instead it can be something we prepare for.

Following these three steps will help anyone have more time. Giving you less stress and the ability to get more done in your business or life.

  1. Design it.

Ask yourself, “When do you want to work?” not “When should you work?” Figure out which days and times work best for you and your life. Additional tip: Doing this will help you create a schedule for any area of your life: a work schedule, a cleaning schedule or a work out schedule.

  1. Ask for it.

Talk to those involved and impacted: your daycare, your family, and your work or clients. Let them know your plan for when you’ll work and ask for what you need. Don’t forget to update your work hours on your website and answering machine. And don’t forget to block it out in your family calendar.

  1. Plan it.

Once your business hours are in your schedule, don’t stop there. Write in what you’ll do on which days. Marketing on Monday? Client calls on Tuesdays? Networking on Wednesdays with Fridays off? It’s your choice. Knowing what you’ll do helps you to stay focused and keep within your hours.

By preparing for your “perfect” schedule (as hard as that may seem) you’ll get more done. Also, with continued practice you’ll clearly see what you can realistically get done in a week. I know things come up: like a friend who needs to chat, a client who can only meet you after hours and a sick child who’s now in your office. But at least you’ll feel a sense of confidence knowing what’s coming up in your week and can make a decision on how to fit the ‘surprises’ in.

The fun part is that just as I feel I have created the “perfect” schedule in four weeks it will all change again with the addition of another little Rolston.  Then I’ll go through the 3 steps all over again – at least after I’ve had some time to let it all sink in.

by Diane Rolston

Diane Rolston

Diane is the founder of Dynamic Women in Action and offers individual coaching, group coaching, and online coaching programs to propel women to achieve their goals in the most important areas of life. Clients have been amazed at how powerful they feel when gaining clarity and confidence to tackle challenges with non-judgmental support and practical tools to take action. Learn more about Diane
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