Blog #54: My 13 BIZ AHA moments! By Tazeem Jamal

As we look back through the years we have been in business, there are many things you wish you could do different. Some of the most important things are the lessons you learn along the journey, here are my top 13 that I have learned over the last 26 years!


1. It’s not what you know, but WHO you know. Connect and create alliances, build your Rolodex or your list. It is the most valuable component of your business. Companies have been known to pay a hefty number to buys someones “LIST’ Build it , create trust, give value & they will always come back. You never know when those relationships could lead to more over time. I have found that many times if you can build trust & support them, in turn others will support you.
2.  They say your success is based on the 5 people you spend the most time with…who are those 5 in your life? Surround yourself with amazing people, who will support you on your journey. Inspire you when you are feeling down & kick your *SS when you need it because they care about you & your success.


3. Always be open to learning. Life is one long journey of perpetual learning.
4. Always be marketing, I do not mean be “pitchy”, I mean never miss an opportunity to share what you do. Offer someone a business card, especially if you have had the chance to strike up a conversation, be sure to take theirs. This leaves you in control of making the reach out & following up with them. Be sure to make that connection within a few days or a week, so that you connect with them & strike up an ongoing conversation. Find out what Social Media platforms they prefer & use those to engage & build trust.
5. The POWER of a smile & compliment can turn a stranger into a friend, try it today, I bet you make a new friend.
6. Giving back, in the form of volunteering your time or charitable donations.  I believe its your responsibility, as an Entrepreneur to give back to the community that supports you & your business.
7. It’s okay NOT to know it all, use this as an opportunity to grow. Reach out to someone you trust and respect to help you.
8. Be real & vulnerable, it will make you more authentic, approachable and humble, people like that, it makes you HUMAN.
9. Don’t be afraid to share your success, be humble but confident. That’s what gets you  raving fans.
10. Always show PASSION for what you do, it’s contagious.
11. Honor your clients & colleagues, they are the heartbeat of your business & the source of many referrals. There are many things you could do to express Gratitude;    offer them a reward, perk or gift. Send them a Thank you shout out by tagging them on a Social Media platform,  email them or really WOW them with a hand written card. This is such a rare occurrence that it will leave a lasting impression, trust me, it makes people feel really special! When was the last time you received a piece of mail that was NOT a bill or junk mail ?
12. Never, ever, ever DEVALUE what you do. Give more than is expected of you, provide value & charge what you are worth.
13. Remember, the ONLY thing that is constant is CHANGE. We have to learn to be flexible, when necessary, recreate your brand & what you offer. If you do not change with the demands of your clients, you run the risk of loosing your clients and maybe even your business. Keep monitoring your business & do not become complacent, success means always being on the look out, as your competition is around the corner!
What are some of your AHA moments in your business? Feel free to share!
By Tazeem Jamal PMDT, LE
Tazeem Jamal

Tazeem Jamal

Tazeem Jamal has been a highly respected Spa Industry professional for over 25 years. As a Clinical Estheticain & Skincare Coach, her mission is to change the world one face at a time. Tazeem also has a thriving team with Nucerity International. Learn more about Tazeem
Tazeem Jamal
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