Blog #67: At 40 how can I still be breaking out ? By Tazeem Jamal

Often in our teen years, we don’t break out & we are thrilled to have not dealt with the pain & embarrassment & then BAM! We are now close to 40 and are more concerned about our skin aging, and have the unexpected curve ball of acne breakouts to contend with! What are the possible causes of adult acne?
Read on to see the six main reasons you could be breaking out:
1.  Hormones
Due to perimenopause, females are prone to increased acne breakouts in their 40’s. Yes, hormones can play havoc with your life and can be the cause of those unwanted breakouts. Androgen, the male hormone (present in both sexes) kick into high gear in these years. The body is going through many changes, the greater Androgen production can stimulate higher oil production in the skin. Leading to clogged pores, shiny skin and inflamed painful breakouts.  [As a side note, if you have an abnormal amount of hair growth or highly irregular cycles, it could be an indicator of a hormonal imbalance, check with your doctor]
Beautiful Skin

Beautiful Skin

2. Stress
High levels of stress release a hormone, cortisol, which leads to lack of sleep, weight gain, and unhealthy cravings; which cause breakouts and rapid aging of your skin. We all know how drawn out and tired we look when we lack sleep, get your zzzz’s
3. Medications
At the best of times, medications are foreign to your body and can sometimes act as a band aid. They address one issue to leave you with another, often, a larger issue/complication to deal with! Check with your health care professional for natural options that could work for you.
4. Environmental Factors
Pollution, dust, humidity, and your cell phone! Yes, you read that right, your cell phone! These gadgets that we are obsessed with are breeding grounds for bacteria! Clean the surface of your phone daily or better still, invest in a headset, to avoid making unnecessary contact with your skin, I LOVE my blue tooth ear piece.
5. Diet
We are what we eat….for many people allergies have become a daily struggle. Which affects not only your digestive system but your skin too. Wheat and dairy are big culprits, but in my opinion, SUGAR is the worst of the foods, that is overlooked. It’s in virtually EVERYTHING, check your labels, you might be shocked. Eat raw, clean fruits and vegetables as often as possible & drink plenty of water (and cut back on the Vino, that does not count as liquids!) Sugar in our diets attach themselves to collagen and elastin, the protein fibers that keep skin firm and elastic. Once Collagen is damaged, the sponge-like consistency and resilience, becomes dry and brittle, leading to wrinkles and sagging. These aging effects start at about age 35 and increase rapidly after that, according to a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology.
Drink more water SS
6. Products and Cosmetics
Your skin is the largest organ of your body, what did you FEED your skin today? Like our diets change seasonally, so should your skin care. When was the last time you reassessed your skincare routine? Do you change your primary skincare products seasonally? Hopefully, you have an Esthetician/Skincare Coach who is guiding you through these crazy changes. Unknowingly that new foundation, SPF or even that shampoo could be the cause of your breakouts. Professionally I recommend  changing things up, at least twice a year. This ensures your skin does not become tolerant and keeps working at its optimum. Exfoliating is my top recommendation in your home skin care routine. Use it at least two to three times a week. Opt for an enzyme based product that will act at a deeper level, refining the texture of the skin, addressing fine lines & wrinkles and allowing products to absorb more efficiently. Adding a serum or a different night time cream can shake up your routine, and your skin will respond to all the delish skin nutrition you feed it .
Love the skin you are in and it will love you back, in the form of  GLOWING skin!
By Tazeem Jamal
Tazeem Jamal

Tazeem Jamal

Tazeem Jamal has been a highly respected Spa Industry professional for over 25 years. As a Clinical Estheticain & Skincare Coach, her mission is to change the world one face at a time. Tazeem also has a thriving team with Nucerity International. Learn more about Tazeem
Tazeem Jamal
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