Blog # 82: A Celebration of Independence!-By Christina Waschko

This is what happened in November:

For the third season in a row, I divided my time as a self-employed videographer and employed brand ambassador for Canada’s biggest bank.

For five weeks I was part of a huge hostess team. For the third year running The Royal Bank of Canada spoiled their Avion Visa card holders with a specially designed Holiday Boutique in the biggest mall in British Columbia (MetroTown). For five weeks my co-hostesses and I were wrapping gifts for the bank’s customers, serving complimentary snacks and beverages, took in their coats and parcels and made sure the Royal Bank customers were well looked after during the hectic holiday season.

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The job was fun; I mingled with some fun gal’s and boys. We didn’t have to have a hard core, technical knowledge or expertise in the banking field. It got me out of the house and my sweat pants! Plus, it added some extra holiday infusion into my bank account.

All was well! Because this was only a five-week long program.

As an entrepreneur, I find it harder and harder to fit into a specific employment mould. Especially when it comes to representing an institution like a bank.

We were required to wear a uniform (OK, the trousers and cardigan we needed to wear were black. And as you know, black makes us look elegant and slim).

We were required to be helpful, friendly, nice and tactful. Nothing wrong with that either. It’s was really hard though to bite your tongue when some customers were  taking the mickey and brought their own, huge coffee containers and asked for a refill – or grabbed handfuls of complimentary snacks for later on.

We had to stick to strict rules when it came to wrapping gifts: only five gifts were allowed per day/customer. They needed to be purchased on the same day from one of the shops inside the mall.

Fair enough! However, it turned a bit silly if you stand in line and you only have one tiny present to wrap but still needed to wait until all the other 65 gifts dropped off before yours were being wrapped.

As you can read, life is good on planet Christina. I have nothing else to write about than the inflexibility of my past brand ambassador program. I needed to write  about something, don’t I?

picture by Richard Branson on LinkedIn

picture by Richard Branson on LinkedIn

What I’m really trying to tell you is this:

Being employed has its perks:

You don’t need to worry about anything other than doing your required job. You can dress up (or wear a uniform) and receive a steady income.

On the other hand, it can be soul-crushing! It crushes your creativity. You can’t let this amazing person you are shine through. You can’t be Brand YOU (in my case, Christina)- you are part of somebody else’s brand. You need to fit in.

And with this fellow entrepreneurs, I salute you!

I salute you with all my heart. I admire your creativity, your guts to produce. To keep on going when the going gets tough. To be flexible in your approach, to be able to break your own rules and to shine as the wonderful person you are!

By Chistina Waschko





Christina Waschko

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"It's the best feeling in the world to help others shine in front of the camera! After over 100 episodes of producing my own webshow, Motherpreneur TV,I know how much guts it takes to just talk in front of the camera and to like what you see and listen to afterwards! Helping others to kiss their video excuses goodbye is what I love doing best!"
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