Blog #77: Change Your Habits – Change Your Life -by Cora Naylor

Do you think that changing some of your habits could give far-reaching changes? If all it took was making some small changes – would you do it?

ChangeYour HabitsOver the last few years as an entrepreneur I have read quite a few personal development books and articles.  The one common thread I have found is that all the people who have attained high levels of success have one common denominator.  They have good daily habits. The thing that I find interesting is that most of their habits are very simple – which is why I believe the vast majority of us do not take a lot of notice.  A lot of people think we need to have an all or nothing attitude when it comes to habits – however; that does not necessarily have to be the case
.  In the long run, it may turn out like that – but to make positive changes – we need just to start, and it is usually better to start small
Most people these days want a quick fix and don’t have the patience to wait to see change.  However, if you start small and continue to make more positive changes – over time amazing things can happen!

I know when I started my business there were some good habits that I wanted to add to my day.  I had good intentions, but it seemed that my time would get away from me, and I didn’t get around to doing the things I wanted to for my personal growth.  The things I wanted to do were not necessarily big items – things like reading for a few minutes every day to fill me with positive stuff, affirmations or reviewing my goals.  Maybe they weren’t important enough in my mind, or I didn’t think those little things would make a difference – but maybe I was wrong?

A few months ago I read the book “The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers” by Hal Elrod where he suggests that first thing in the morning we should do our “Life SAVERS.”  I thought I’d give Hal’s SAVERS a try (Silence, Affirmations, Vision, Exercise, Reading, Scribing).  I set my alarm to get up a little earlier than normal and started doing these things that I had wanted to add to my day anyway.  At this point, I haven’t seen any massive changes – but I do notice is that this routine helps get me in the right mindset to jump start my day.  I always get more accomplished and am better focused. When I initiate the day doing something positive for myself….rather than getting up and immediately checking my emails or Facebook messages – I can focus on my other tasks knowing that I have already taken care of me.nature-grass-green-book

The main thing to remember with habits is that you do not need to make too many changes at a time and that just making the first step is better than not doing anything.  In “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield. Jack suggests developing four new success habits a year – one every quarter.  Start by making a list of your unproductive habits and then make a list of positive habits that you would like to develop. Work on adding one new habit every quarter and in 5 years you will have 20 new success habits that could bring you everything you want in life!

I think we often want big results so we believe that we should make significant changes.  However, often if we start too big we can’t maintain our actions.  So start small and steady.  Ensure that you have each habit ingrained before you add another.  Some may come quickly, and others will take more time – but in the long run, you will still be moving ahead.

Don’t wait to start making the change you want in your life.  Only you can make the changes you want. Make your wish list of new positive habits and get started now!

By: Cora

Cora Naylor

Cora Naylor

Coach & Mentor at Cora Naylor
For Cora, the push needed to overcome shyness was finding the right business. She knew the supportive team of a network marketing company was the right match for her because she needed a network that would support and lift her while she did the same for others.

For a large part of her life, Cora felt as though she was sitting on the outside of her life, looking in. She found herself in supporting roles to help people, but she never really had control of her own direction.

Then, not long ago she found Jeunesse and embraced the challenge of opening up to others. Helping them reach their biggest dreams and goals has become one of Cora’s focal points. Cora truly loves meeting new people. In time, she hopes to grow her business around the globe, to meet others, experience new places and share with those who might also be struggling with shyness.

Cora loves being an example of the great things that come when you listen to that little voice that tells you to embrace your fear and reach for what you want in life.
Cora Naylor
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