Global Business Moms: Build an Online Business from Home

As a member of Dynamic Women™ in Action from time to time I will bring you cool opportunities that are inline with what you are doing. This week there are 2 and here is one of them…

Meet These Global Business Moms Who Make Money Without Missing Milestones

Being a mom and a business woman isn’t always easy. Do you have to wear the mom hat and the biz mom hat – it’s a juggle! Trying to balance multiple things.

Do you feel burnt out because you do so much in the day that burns your energy away, so when you get home you are so tired that you can’t take care of your household and family? Or just have no time left to do it all?

Do you fantasize about having the best of both worlds? Can you imagine working from home and being able to do that around your family schedule? Well you know? It is really possible!!

I’m inviting you to a FREE online series my entrepreneur friend Kawtar Najjar is hosting called: Global Business Moms: Get Out of the Rat Race and Build an Online Business from Home while enjoying your Freedom and Family!
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Kawtar gathered more than 21 experts – aka Mompreneurs – from all over the world to share their journey about how and why they decided to become entrepreneurs. And I am one of those Moms and I’m also going to share my story and strategies with you.

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It’s a series of +21 interviews with experts, each in their expertise, who share their experiences, stories and business strategies with you. Their stories are very inspiring and very helpful.
These interviews are going to be showing you strategies that will leave you empowered to make money and still be taking care of your home, your family and YOU!

I’d love to encourage you to take this opportunity.

It’s time. Take control of your life and schedule. And you know what the best part is? This free interview series is designed to be SO simple and easy it can fit into even the most hectic mommy schedule — In fact, in just 20-30 minutes a day you will get that boost to take action.

Let’s get you inspired in just 20-30 Minutes a Day!
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See you there!

Diane Rolston

DWA Founder and Certified Professional Coach