Meal Prep Mastery For Moms & busy people! Also Mindset, Nutrition & other hacks

As a member of Dynamic Women™ in Action from time to time I will bring you cool opportunities that are inline with what you are doing. This week there are 2 and here is one of them…

This one is called Meal Prep Mastery for Moms – and you’ll get so much more than just meal prep info.

Grab your spot here, at no cost:

As a mom (or a busy person), you pretty much run your household, right? From laundry to dishes to running from here to there, we often feel like we’re all things to all people … which is why, when it comes to cooking, so many of us feel burned out, tired, and maybe even resentful. We want to feed our loved ones healthy meals, but by the time it’s time to cook dinner, the kitchen is the last place we want to be – so true for me!

Good news! With the right tools, information, and advice, you can learn to love the kitchen (and cooking in it) again—while you make quick, healthy meals your family will actually eat without complaining!

My friend Nichole Teering, nutritionist, is offering a complimentary interview series starting February 12 to show you how. It’s called Meal Prep Mastery for Moms, and it brings together more than 20 experts in cooking and nutrition, including me, to give you our expert advice on feeding your family well—without hating the process.

AND even if you’re not a mom please join us anyway so you can also benefit from all of the expert tips without it costing you a penny!

And I share about my experience and some key tools I use in my life and with my clients.

Grab your spot here, at no cost:

Regain Your Health AND Your Sanity—While Feeding Your Family Well.

When you go to this link: and reserve your spot on this interview series, you’ll discover that you can master your own health and cooking secrets that will keep your family healthy, keep you sane, and feel enjoyable—even in the midst of the busy-ness that is motherhood!

Specifically, you’ll learn:
– Powerful mindset upgrades that will help you stop resenting your role as Mom and embrace everything that comes with it—while gaining control over your daily schedule.
– Cooking and kitchen hacks that save you time and reduce your overwhelm so you can offer your family quick, healthy meals without hating the process.
– Exercise and movement tips for quick relief and results so you can feel good and fulfill your own needs while you take care of everyone else, too.
– And more.

Again, Meal Prep Mastery for Moms begins February 12, and I’d love for you to be there (I plan to listen in as well as speak!). Get your spot at no cost here:

To you AND Your Family: Happy And Healthy!

See you there!
Diane Rolston
DWA Founder and Certified Professional Coach