Blog # 86: Inhale, Exhale, Rinse and Repeat! By Tazeem Jamal

Inhale, Exhale, Rinse and Repeat!

Stress has become the proverbial word of the 21st century. Almost everybody at any age experiences stresses today. What can you do to better manage stress, especially through the busy Fall and Holiday season?

Here are my top 4 suggestions to help you manage stress, naturally and stay better balanced, so you can be fully “present” to enjoy this JOY filled Season


1. Quiet the mind 

Take time for yourself daily to do something that brings you JOY! Find something that helps you unwind and decompress, you could try coloring, writing in a Gratitude journal, painting, yoga, or even simply walking outside in the fresh air, it is a way to shift your mind into a better state of relaxation to rest & rejuvenate


pamper-purple-pillow-amazon-co-uk-spa 2. Natures Remedies instead of medication

Try using essential oils; these are amazing scents that occur in nature that can truly impact your daily life from cold and flu management to relaxation and everything in between. As an Esthetician, I was trained in the use of essential oils but have used them since I was a teenager; my Mum and Grandmother used them on me and they have become a part of my daily life. They are the top used items in my medicine cabinet. I have created a kit of my “go to” essential oils, that I keep handy at home, so when I’m on the go or I’m relaxing, I have them right there. Essential oils should generally be mixed with either water, to be used in a diffuser, mixed with carrier oils, such as almond or coconut oils, or a lotion and NOT be used directly on the skin! 

~Lavender reduces stress and anxiety 

~Peppermint reduces nausea and headaches 

~Tea-tree oil antiseptic, antibacterial anti-fungal 

~Sweet orange while it is known as the happy and uplifting fragrance, it’s also great for cleansing. 

 ~Rosemary is amazing for mental clarity, anxiety relief and wonderful for helping to enhance your learning memory.


3. Schedule “ME” time just like any other appointment 

Taking care of  YOURSELF, will allow you to be there for others. Book an appointment for some amazing “ME” time with an escape to the spa; have a luxurious massage (request aromatherapy to be added to the massage oil), have an anti-aging, rejuvenating facial, it will take years off your face! Who does not want to look younger! Try visiting a Salt Cave, which is an amazing way to detox and reduces negative ions. I have to say one of my personal favourite ways to unwind is sensory deprivation, “Floating”, all I can say is, if you have not, then you just need to TRY it, you will LOVE it :)                          

 If you cannot get to any of these, run a warm bath filled with essential oils and Himalayan salt to relax and detox (you will sleep like a baby!). Invest in a Himalayan Salt lamp. They are amazing, not only do they give off this incredible golden glow, but they, like the salt caves, can help reduce anxiety and can help with SAD and overall mood and energy!  


4. Conscious Consumption

Watching the amount of artificial sugar and processed foods we consume will help reduce immune compromise. Stay well hydrated, no matter how great you believe your diet is, we are often under nourished and dehydrated. It is a great idea to add natural nutritional supplements to your daily routine. Supplementation is key to staying fully alert and keeping your “cortisol”(stress hormone) levels in the body at bay. As a consumer it can be confusing to decide which brands to buy, there are thousands of options on the market, here are some basic guidelines; opt for a vegetarian or vegan sourced supplements, choose organic whenever possible and look at the label to see if you can recognize and pronounce most of the ingredients.

“Brain Health” has become a leading area in nutritional supplements in the

Take time to destress

Take time to destress

last few years and it will grow exponentially for obvious reasons. In our modern-day society, so many of us are burning the candle at both ends, working long hours, no wonder we are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed! Add a good quality Omega and a Vitamin D to help keep the blues at bay and keep the skin nourished from the inside out. If you are exhausted and feel overwhelmed, try taking “Nootropics” (brain cognitive supplements).


By Tazeem Jamal

Tazeem Jamal

Tazeem Jamal

Tazeem Jamal has been a highly respected Spa Industry professional for over 25 years. As a Clinical Estheticain & Skincare Coach, her mission is to change the world one face at a time. Tazeem also has a thriving team with Nucerity International. Learn more about Tazeem
Tazeem Jamal
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