Meet DWA Founder Diane Rolston

DWA Founder and Coach Diane Rolston

Diane works with high achievers and successful women to uncover what they really want in life with powerful questions, unwavering support, and actionable steps. Being a certified Co-Active coach means she helps women gain clarity around who they want to be and how they want to succeed in business and life.

Women from all backgrounds, from corporate CEOs to home-based entrepreneurs, come to her with big dreams they wish to achieve and challenges they wish to overcome. Through Leadership Training, Professional Speaking and Performance Coaching what they find in working with her is their confidence increases, they take action where they want, and they find the balance they crave to enjoy their life.

Work with her to go from feeling overwhelmed from doing too much, confused about your direction, stressed about decisions, and struggling with perfectionism and confidence, to feeling balanced, clear, pro-active and powerful. DWA Members get 50% off their first session or 5% off 6 months of coaching.

What does it mean to be a Dynamic Woman?

A Dynamic Women is someone who is unapologetically herself and looking to grow and expand both personal and professionally. She’s open, honest and authentic. She appreciates others, inspires and supports those around her while also asking for what she needs and wants.

How are you dynamic in your life?

I welcome in change and when it’s not coming I bring in a new project or challenge to keep things fresh and to keep growing. I’ll try almost anything once like skydiving, whitewater rafting, speaking on a stage to hundreds of people, traveling around Asia by myself, living abroad (like in Japan). Other says I inspire them and exude confidence, yet I’m relatable. It could be because I value speaking my truth with friends and clients and forming authentic relationships in all areas of my life.

How are you dynamic in your business?

I’m a pretty Dynamic coach, speaker and workshop trainer. I’ve been told it’s easy to develop trust with me, so I can push your boundaries and challenge you. I ask the hard questions and have no judgments on what you share. I’m not afraid to do what others aren’t willing to do. Also, I hold to what my vision is even when others want to change things. Just like with DWA I know it’s been successful because I’m staying true to my vision and if I did change it I’d be making it more like what’s already out there.

How has the way you approach relationships changed since becoming a part of the DWA?

At DWA I see every woman as an equal, as a friend and someone I want to get to know. It’s important that everyone is acknowledged for everything they are – not just their titles. We are all of our experiences, all of our jobs and all of our authentic selves.

Share a favourite moment from a DWA event.

The Toi & Moi Soiree was a fabulous night! I wanted it to be a celebration of what DWA had become in our first year. I got to let loose with these wonderful women who are my friends, clients and colleagues. It was a night where we all got dressed up and when I got to see those who only knew each other online finally meet in person I was as excited as they were. Seeing all of the happy faces, the picture taking and the hugs really filled me up. I cant wait for our next one!

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Diane Rolston

Diane is the founder of Dynamic Women in Action and offers individual coaching, group coaching, and online coaching programs to propel women to achieve their goals in the most important areas of life. Clients have been amazed at how powerful they feel when gaining clarity and confidence to tackle challenges with non-judgmental support and practical tools to take action. Learn more about Diane
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