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Tazeem Jamal Skindulgence SpaAs a Clinical Esthetician & Skincare Coach, Tazeem’s mission is to change the world one face at a time& she believes that you can have “glow-rious” skin without the use of injectables or surgery. Her passion for the industry has lead her to be involved in many volunteer positions with industry boards, organizations & projects. She has also been featured in many publications such as the coveted CRAVE BOOK COLLECTION with her Boutique business , as well as a go to resource for industry articles. She was presented with The Golden Spike award for Customer Service in 2010.

On a personal level, Tazeem married her childhood sweetheart & they have 2 beautiful teenage girls. Family & volunteering have been woven into the fabric of her life. Other than all things beauty & fashion, Tazeem loves writing, traveling, Feng Shui, dark chocolate, meeting new people, shoes & Betty Boop !

What does it mean to be Dynamic?

Open, Passionate & Adventurous. Dynamic means never letting anything keep you down. Having gratitude even when life is full of obstacles – jump over them, face them or push through them to the other side, where magic happens. I love to keep evolving & am not afraid of new things… I LOVE life !!

How are you Dynamic in your life?

I truly LOVE my life, the people I am blessed to be surrounded by & always want to leave those around me inspired with a smile , a hug or a word of support. Life is just too short to not be lived to the fullest everyday !

How are you Dynamic in your business?

I am determined & fiercely independent & love being my own boss. I care about my clients & many of them have become great friends in the 25 years that I have known them. I strive to create a SPAce where they feel like they can share their lives with me & we have celebrated so many milestones over the years! That truly is a privilege. I am always looking for new ways to be better in my line of work, learning new things & raising my own bar!

How has the way you approach relationships changed since becoming a part of the DWA?

I believe we are often drawn to certain types of people at different times in our lives to feed, teach or nurture us. I love the incredible diversity that we have as a group in DWA & because of the way we connect, I have found incredible friendship & connections with so many women that have enriched my life & have given me the opportunity to meet women that I may not in the normal course of my life would have had the chance to meet. I know that everyone has a story & that all of us are amazing & poweHERful !!!!!

Share a favourite moment from a DWA event.

There have been many, but I think for me the most memorable was the very first meeting. I felt very vulnerable & admittedly a little nervous. I had been through a huge life shift & it had been a very long time since I had been involved in networking or had been to any place where new connections would happen. I was reinventing myself & had to push myself out of my comfort zone! I felt supported & safe enough to share.

DWA is always a place where we can all feel ourselves without judgement. Thank you Diane for allowing us to be real & true to ourselves!

Tazeem Jamal

Tazeem Jamal

Tazeem Jamal has been a highly respected Spa Industry professional for over 25 years. As a Clinical Estheticain & Skincare Coach, her mission is to change the world one face at a time. Tazeem also has a thriving team with Nucerity International. Learn more about Tazeem
Tazeem Jamal
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