Blog #74: Ode to The Dynamic Woman! -By Christine Waschko

Diane asked me to become a blog contributor and excitedly I said yes! I love to write, to share ideas, to give actionable tips on how to kiss our excuses goodbye! And then, this happened: Nothing! Absolutely nothing happened! Panic set in!  I have been sitting in front of my screen for days now! It wasn’t for lack of ideas I couldn’t get my head around this blog post! The ideas were in my head! The problem was, I had too many ideas, too many choices!  I was looking for the right hook to present any of these topics to you, fellow Dynamos. Nothing felt right. Everything was confusing, even to me.

Finally, it hit me! Instead of writing another How to article (I might do that next time) I’m writing you a love note! We are going to celebrate together!


We, women, may share the same anatomy- but you and me, each and every one of us is different from one another. We are all the same- yet oh so different, so unique!  How exciting is that? Isn’t that reason enough to pop the cork?

What is your big, fat, scary dream? Mine is to host my talk show on TV. Let’s pretend the show is up and running already!  Whom would I love to interview? You! Whom would I love to have in the audience? You!

And without further ado, the following is written for you! From my heart to yours! It is for the woman who inspires me to be and do my best, every single time I film and edit a video, write an article or hang with one of you!

You are the woman (also referred to as Dynamo) who

embraces her quirkiness! Her perfect imperfections. Long nose, short legs, a lisp perhaps?  Stretch marks even?

You experienced the roller coaster called life! You know life happens in waves. The good, the bad and the ugly always travel together. In other words, promotions, new clients, praise, all appear during one week. And so do the bills. No, they mostly show up all in one day, preparing us to be a dynamic woman. She celebrates her achievements, saves her money for the bills and doesn’t stress when she hits a plateau (because it’s only a temporary plateau).

 She says YES to more fun, adventure and opportunities in her life! For anything less, she says NO!

And here is how to phrase the absolute NO:

“Thank you so much for the offer/asking me.                                                                                                              Unfortunately, I won’t be able to commit. But here is something/somebody who would be able to help out. (fill in the name of another person, resources, book title, etc.) Wishing you success with your project.”

  • The Dynamo knows there will always be competition! Regardless of what we do or where we live, competition is everywhere! It’s part of life, and it’s the name of the business game! All we can do is doing our personal best with the resources and equipment currently available to us.
  • Dynamos don’t idolize. We know who we are by now!
  • She creates her style instead of following media (fashion) trends.
  • She knows it’s always the small stuff that makes life so extraordinary!
  • She also knows money doesn’t buy confidence, charisma or personality!
  • The Dynamo has a few mantras to keep her going when the going gets tough. My current one is
  • It’s easier than you think it’s going to be!” Repeat, several times a day!
  • She has at least one signature recipe (either for dinner and dessert). Mine is rice served with a creamy chicken, broccoli sauce!
  • Loves and respects herself too much for wanting to keep up with the Jones’s!

Dynamos have it all figured out: We need to kiss our excuses goodbye if we’re holding ourselves back from getting what we want! And the most simple way to get something is to ask for it! The answer can only be a simple Yes or No. Ask for what you desire!

  • Being fearless is a hyped up, modern, slang word! Dynamos know the truth: Being afraid is a good thing! We rather work on a solution to our fear than buying into meaningless media hype!
  • A Dynamo doesn’t believe everything she reads in the papers!
  • She is intelligent enough to do her research than being a push-over!
  • She knows not to stress too much because everything we emphasize out today will be forgotten by next week.
  • We allow our children to be our inspiration- not our excuses to be and do what we always wanted to be and do!

We are all the same- and yet so different! We are all originals-yet still works in progress! I raise my glass in anticipation to our journeys together!


Christina Waschko

This high energy Motherpreneur of three is devoted to living her bucket list and making her personal 'impossibles' possible. As serial expat (seven countries and four continents so far) Christina is continuously Kissing her personal Excuses Goodbye to recreate herself everywhere she goes! As former world traveler, fitness professional, coffee shop owner and now writer, author and videographer, Christina brings decades of 'living' to everything she does!
"It's the best feeling in the world to help others shine in front of the camera! After over 100 episodes of producing my own webshow, Motherpreneur TV,I know how much guts it takes to just talk in front of the camera and to like what you see and listen to afterwards! Helping others to kiss their video excuses goodbye is what I love doing best!"
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