Blog # 78: Six Types of Motivation! -By Christina Waschko

Here is how to never break a promise to yourself or your business – again!

Dear friends,

I had one of these WooHoo moments earlier this week! Something that opened my eyes so wide, I was able to see from here to Timbuktu!

It knocked me off my seat (OK, not really) and my whole life made sense to me!

Wow, this was profound!

Are you ready?

I’m talking motivation!

We all get motivated by something! And this works for all aspects of our life, either private or business! However, not all motivation is created equal! Yep, this was my eye opener. I am talking “Six Types of Motivation!”

If we only hear or read about the slogans/ or phrases that don’t speak to us, no wonder, we won’t get off the couch. Or always start and never finish a project!


Let me explain to you what I mean. Here are the different types of motivation:

Fear of consequences:   You want to avoid a certain something (e.g. you don’t want to die of lung cancer or have to pay penalties to the bank if you don’t keep up with your payments)
– Achievements: You want to achieve a particular milestone in your life! You want to get this particular reward or this trophy.(e.g. you always dreamt about being self-employed, owning your own business or running a marathon)
– Rewards: If you work hard you’re going to reward yourself with a trip to Florida!
Social Factors: You want to be part of something. You want to belong to a club, a team, a network, a group, Belonging is your primary motivator why you e.g. join the Chamber of Commerce or a book club!
Growth:  You constantly want to learn, improve, get better and move forward in your personal or business life!-Power: You want to feel influential and vigorous!

Do you recognize yourself in any of these? What motivates you?11665521_10204510623951091_2231604478474465592_n
Take your time, look at your life and figure it out for yourself: What motivates you to do what you do? Make yourself a list of whys. And as soon as you know, your life and your business will never be the same again!


As I said, for me this was huge! Now I know why I was never, ever part of a group or a network! Being part of a group doesn’t speak to me! I love my independence!
Not saying I am one sad, lonely, unfriendly anti-social git!. Far from it. I am very social. I just don’t care about belonging to a vast network of blah, blah, blah!
What speaks to me is reward and power and achievement! What about you?

Once we know what motivates us, we can keep promises to ourselves – always!  Isn’t this awesome?

By Christina Waschko



Christina Waschko

This high energy Motherpreneur of three is devoted to living her bucket list and making her personal 'impossibles' possible. As serial expat (seven countries and four continents so far) Christina is continuously Kissing her personal Excuses Goodbye to recreate herself everywhere she goes! As former world traveler, fitness professional, coffee shop owner and now writer, author and videographer, Christina brings decades of 'living' to everything she does!
"It's the best feeling in the world to help others shine in front of the camera! After over 100 episodes of producing my own webshow, Motherpreneur TV,I know how much guts it takes to just talk in front of the camera and to like what you see and listen to afterwards! Helping others to kiss their video excuses goodbye is what I love doing best!"
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