Blog 83:Take Action! -By Cora Naylor

Do you think about doing something all day and feel exhausted at the end of the day – even though you haven’t really done anything? That tends to happen to a lot of people when they are starting something new. If it is something new for you it is going to take some effort and an action plan to get things going – but just “thinking” about is not going to work.

Once you take action – anything is possible and can lead to all kinds of possibilities. That is one of the main things to separate successful people from those that are not – taking action! Successful people don’t worry about whether things are being done perfectly or not – they learn as they go and make adjustments as necessary. Successful people have a vision of what they want, they set goals and then they break the goals down into smaller pieces to accomplish the bigger picture.

One of the things that can stop people from taking action is fear. If you have any fears that are holding you back from what you want – you need to examine them and do whatever you need to acknowledge them and get thru them so you can move on. I know when I first started my business I had a fear of talking to people that I didn’t know – so I made a point to put myself in situations where I would have to meet new people and I learned how to be better at the meeting and starting conversations with strangers. You need to take some time to figure out whatever is holding you back from taking action. Then what do you need to do so you can work to overcome that fear? Maybe you can learn something from a friend, from a book or a special training course.

While it is good to plan what you want to do – don’t spend too much time in the planning stages or you may never get to the “action” stage. Some things can be done as you go along – but if you don’t start – nothing will ever get accomplished. There will never be a “perfect” time to take action.

Some people are afraid to take action because they may fail. However, I woman-570883_640like to think of failures as a chance to learn and grow. It is a part of the learning process. Nothing will ever be perfect. We are constantly evolving and changing the things that we do. Just keep taking action and updating as you go

While you are busy taking action be open to what comes your way. You never know what kinds of opportunities will come your way once you start your journey of action. It’s OK to start taking action in one direction and then being open to what comes your way. You may end up with an unexpected surprise. Keep taking action toward where you think you want to go – but be open to whatever comes your way and you may find a new and even better path opening up for you.

As I mentioned earlier – there is never a perfect time to start anything – but if you pick something to start you may end up on an amazing path. For now just, take action!

By Cora Naylor

Cora Naylor

Cora Naylor

Coach & Mentor at Cora Naylor
For Cora, the push needed to overcome shyness was finding the right business. She knew the supportive team of a network marketing company was the right match for her because she needed a network that would support and lift her while she did the same for others.

For a large part of her life, Cora felt as though she was sitting on the outside of her life, looking in. She found herself in supporting roles to help people, but she never really had control of her own direction.

Then, not long ago she found Jeunesse and embraced the challenge of opening up to others. Helping them reach their biggest dreams and goals has become one of Cora’s focal points. Cora truly loves meeting new people. In time, she hopes to grow her business around the globe, to meet others, experience new places and share with those who might also be struggling with shyness.

Cora loves being an example of the great things that come when you listen to that little voice that tells you to embrace your fear and reach for what you want in life.
Cora Naylor
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