Blog #9: Want to Have a Better Summer? by Diane Rolston

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Summer can be a crazy time of picnics, BBQs, camping trips and carting kids around. Oh and whether you’re going to a 9-5 or you’re running your own business you also have to attend to work. I love the summer and there is a trick to really get the most out of it.

What’s your summer focus right now?

It might be to get things done and to do fun things. Professionally, you’re working hard, so you can take your vacation time. Then when you’re on vacation you’re focus is to pack for this, prepare for that, get to this ferry on time and make that flight.

You’re probably getting creative with how to get the responsibilities done while also enjoying the sun. But in order to really get to the end of the summer and feel fulfilled you have to remember to spend some time just to “BE”.

What does “BE” even mean?

Before my coaching days I had no idea what this meant. You may have heard people say, “be present” or “be in the moment”.  I learnt co-active coaching and the two sides we live in: “Co” (being) and “active” (doing).

Don't just be taking the pictures. Be present in the experience.

Don’t just be taking the pictures. Be present in the experience.

I’m a doer. I struggle to “BE”

I live a lot of my life in my head: thinking, planning, achieving. I am a doer. I make lists and I get things done. This is where I feel most comfortable and it wasn’t until I reflected on how I am when I vacation that I fully understood what it was like to “BE”.

I’m a free spirit on vacation.

I love the vacation version of me. I plan less and experience what’s actually in front of me. I can go with the flow. I trust what come ups. I will ditch a flight to stay in a location or with people I like. I say, “Yes” to great opportunities. I have more fun and don’t feel as much stress. I think you get the picture.

Which of these do you resonate with more? Being or doing? Most people see themselves in one more than the other. Either way, remembering to just “BE” will bring more enjoyment to your summer. But how do you do it?

5 Tips to Have a Satisfying Summer

  1. Have Spontaneous Days: Have days without plans. Wake up and see how you feel. Ask yourself, “What do you want to do?” Explore a new area? Go out for lunch? Read at the beach? If this freaks you out, have an idea jar of all the things you’d love to do over the summer and pull out a paper on the day.
  2. Unplug: You don’t have to work all the time. Also, you don’t have to document every moment of your experience. The worst thing is to miss what you’re doing because your eyes are glued to a screen. Leave the phone at home or if you can’t at least tell others you’re not going to use it and stick to your promise!
  3. Be Still: While in the experience take a moment to enjoy what’s happening. Sit still and don’t speak. Listen and feel what’s around you. Don’t think. Turn off the brain chatter and just enjoy the moment. Yes, you can still do this with others around. Even invite them to join you in a quiet moment!
  4. Turn on Your Senses: If you’re having trouble turning off your brain use your senses. What do you see? Smell? Taste? Feel? And Hear?
  5. Say, “No” More: I love this one. It’s often a tip on many of my lists. In this case it’s so you’re not running from one thing to another. When you schedule things back to back you lose out on “being” present in one because you’re concerned about making it on time to the next event. Slow down and if you must attend events close together give yourself buffer time.

Not sure if you’re more on the being or doing side? I do have a way for you to quickly tell. Just go to my site and grab my Life Balance Quiz. You’ll also get some simple techniques to bring more balance into your life.

I’m wishing you a lovely summer. Enjoy every moment!

By Diane Rolston

Diane Rolston

Diane is the founder of Dynamic Women in Action and offers individual coaching, group coaching, and online coaching programs to propel women to achieve their goals in the most important areas of life. Clients have been amazed at how powerful they feel when gaining clarity and confidence to tackle challenges with non-judgmental support and practical tools to take action. Learn more about Diane
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